AndreasSE's files



Allows you to write down quick notes by pressing a configurable hotkey (default is [Win]+[N]). The notes can be resized and their content and position/size will optionally be saved automatically and restored on reboot.

Date (screen saver)

A screen saver which shows the current time and date. The background color, text color, transparency can be customized and your wallpaper can optionally be shown in the background.


Allows you to view and change what programs runs when you log on.

Startup File Manager

Schedules moving, copying or deletion of files for the next time you boot up your computer. Useful if a program has locked the file.


Shows a bar at the bottom of the screen when you use the volume buttons on your keyboard. Good if your drivers don't support this natively.It will also show a mute button when the sound is turned off.

Smart Bookmark Generator

Lets you create URL:s to be used with Firefox's keyword feature. The special part about these bookmarks is that they also are bookmarklets, which means that it can run a peace of code when used. In this case it will check if you actually entered a search term, and if not, use any selected text on the page you're currently at or go somewhere else if no text is selected.


A bookmarklet which, when run, searches through all links on the page for images and changes them so that they open on the current page in stead so that you don't have to leave the page to view them. Great for pages with lots of image links.


The classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe for Android based systems.


A random number generator and coin flipping application for Android based system.